SMB caching

SMB caching can increase performance by reducing the number of redundant queries for information during an authentication. As a client-server protocol, SMB sends multiple query and verification messages back and forth for certain tasks. Some of these messages are duplicates. With SMB caching, any of those queries can be fetched from the local cache instead, which reduces the time required to query and respond to each request.

HPE Store Easy supports BranchCache. BranchCache is a wide area network (WAN) bandwidth optimization technology. To optimize WAN bandwidth when you want to access content on remote servers, BranchCache fetches content from your main office or hosted cloud content servers and caches the content at branch office locations, allowing client computers at branch offices to access the content locally rather than over the WAN. This allows users to work o those cached files with no network connection. When a the user establishes a network connection, the system synchronizes the cached files with the server files to save the changes.