Bringing a logical drive offline or online using the HPE StoreEasy management console

You can take a logical drive in the HPE StoreEasy Storage system offline or bring it online.

Logical drives might go offline as a method of self-protection. For example, if there is a power outage or the storage array reboots, the logical drive might not come back online. A logical drive might be offline if a volume is being exported. A logical drive must be brought online to initialize it. You can bring a logical drive online using the management console.

You can take a logical drive offline using the management console. For example, when a USB or external hard drive is attached to the system, it is listed as a logical drive or volume. To remove the device, take the logical drive offline first to protect the data. Or, to stop access to certain volumes temporarily, take the logical drive where the volumes reside offline.

Precautions: Before taking a logical drive offline, make sure no one is using the file shares or the attached volumes on the drive.

  1. Select Storage Subsystems from the main navigation menu in the management console and select Logical Drives.
  2. Select the logical drive and select Take offline or Bring online.