NFS permissions

NFS permissions apply when a client accesses a files and folders on a file share ver the network. The permission level is for the client machine and not the user. Access permissions for NFS include Read Only, Read/Write, and No access. A client with Read Only permission can view information on the file share, A client with Read/Write permission can view and edit shared information on the file share, and a client with No access cannot access the file share.

NFS allows the use of wildcards, which allows an administrator to set permissions for every client on the network. Another options is to set permissions on an individual host using an IP address or fully-qualified domain name. NFS allows only one IP per permission entry. An administrator can also set permissions for a netgroup (using NIS or LDAP) or a client group (locally), which includes setting permissions on multiple machines. HPE StoreEasy management console does not allow configuration of these last two options using the GUI. For more information on netgroup and clientgroup configurations see Microsoft Client Fencing,

You can also allow root access to a shared folder (not recommended). Allowing root access to an NFS file share allows any root user full access to the file share. For security purposes, access to the file share should be limited to known users with managed and restricted permissions.