Red Hat OpenShift Post Deployment Customizations

When the Openshift cluster is connected to the Internet:
  • Telemetry runs automatically.

  • Cluster is registered to the Red Hat OpenShift Cluster Manager.

In production environment, due to organizational privacy law, remote health reporting will be disabled.
Some of the consequences of opting out of having a connected cluster are as follows:
  • Red Hat cannot monitor the success of product upgrades or the health of your clusters without a support case being opened.
  • Red Hat cannot use anonymous configuration to better triage customer support cases and identify which configurations our customers find important.

  • The Red Hat OpenShift Cluster Manager does not show data about your clusters including health and usage information.

  • Your subscription entitlement information must be manually entered through without the benefit of automatic usage reporting.

For more information, see Opting out of remote health reporting.