Default hardware profiles

The following default hardware profiles, based on role or type, are provided.

Hardware profile for a server Default hardware profile
DL360/DL380 controller profile default_controller_profile
DL360 undercloud profile default_undercloud_profile
DL360/DL380 compute profile default_compute_profile
DL360/DL380 storage profile default_storage_profile
EL4000 undercloud/controller profile default_el_controller_profile
DL360/DL380 HCI compute profile default_hci_compute_profile
DL360/DL380 management profile default_management_profile
DL360/DL380 workload profile default_edge_resource_profile
EL8000 compute profile default_el8k_hci_compute_profile
DL385 compute profile default_amd_compute_profile
DL385 HCI compute profile default_amd_hci_compute_profile
DL385 storage profile default_amd_storage_profile
DL360 master profile default_master_profile
DL360 worker profile default_worker_profile
DL325 master profile default_amd_master_profile
DL325 worker profile default_amd_worker_profile

To check the BIOS settings available in the default hardware profiles, see BIOS settings for hardware profiles.

To check the NIC and Boot settings available in the default hardware profiles, see NIC based settings for hardware profiles.