Deploying HPE Nimble CSI driver for storage

The NPS provides modular commands for performing the individual operations.

  • Ensure that the VIM state is in NODES_ADDED state.

  • The following files nimble-csp.yaml, hpe-linux-config.yaml, hpe-csi-k8s-latest.yaml must be present in the NPS toolkit VM at the /var/nps/ISO location.

  1. Use the following NPS RHOCP command to deploy HPE Nimble CSI driver:
    nps deploy -s rhocp -a configure-storage
  2. Check the status of the operation using the following command:
    nps show --data vim

    Wait until the status is displayed as STORAGE_CONFIGURED or STORAGE_CONFIGURE_FAILED

    1. If the state is displayed as STORAGE_CONFIGURED, HPE nimble CSI driver is deployed successfully on cluster
    2. If the state is displayed as STORAGE_CONFIGURED_FAILED.
    For more information about troubleshooting storage configuration issues, see Storage configuration fails.