Applying switch configuration for expansion kit

  • Ensure that you are logged in to the NPS toolkit VM.

  • Ensure that the starter kit configuration is successful.

  • Ensure that the 8325_aruba_addon1 profile is available.

    nps show -p switch_profile

  • Ensure that you have created the addon switch JSON using TICG. To create a JSON using the TICG, see Generating an input JSON using the TICG for Addon Kits.

  1. Copy the input JSON file to the NPS toolkit VM.
  2. Add the switches to the database by triggering the following command:

    nps add-infra -f <addon switch json file>

  3. Check whether the addon switches are present in the database.

    nps show --data switches

  4. Once switches are added to the database, trigger the switch configuration using the following command:

    nps deploy -s switch -l debug -p <switch_addon_profile> -nos aruba -ip <comma separated switch ips of data,borderleaf and spine switches>

    For example, nps deploy -s switch -l debug -p 8325_aruba_addon1 -nos aruba -ip xx.xx.xx.97, xx.xx.xx.98, xx.xx.xx.99, xx.xx.xx.100, xx.xx.xx.104, xx.xx.xx.105

    To configure consecutive add on kits, use the following addon profile:
    where, n represents 1 to 5.

    NPS supports upto 5 addon kits.