HPE Telco Blueprint logical architecture

Customized for specific NFV use cases, HPE Telco Blueprints are validated reference configurations based on HPE infrastructure platforms.

HPE Telco Blueprints are offered with HPE Telco SDI toolset and documentation to simplify the installation and building of the NFV infrastructure stack. To help bring up a customized and optimized HPE Telco environment for your client, the HPE Telco Blueprint offers you the flexibility to pick and select the following:

For more information on the specific hardware validated for control plane, compute, storage, hyper converged infrastructure, and switches (management and data), see HPE Telco Blueprint hardware components.

For more information on choosing the optimal hardware and networking components for your business environment, see Deployment options recommendations.

Following is a logical representation of the HPE Telco Blueprint architecture with hardware and software components enclosed by the dashed box.
Figure 1: HPE Telco Blueprint logical architecture