Cumulus version is incorrect


Cumulus version is incorrect

  1. Re-install both the data switches with intended cumulus operating system. For more information, see Installing Cumulus Linux NOS and license on ONIE switches.
  2. Re-run the switch automation. For more information, see Deploying switch configuration.
  3. If autodeploy is used for installation, run the nps autodeploy command again.
  4. If manual procedure is used for installation, install operating system through image service using the following:
    1. Delete the image service pod using the following command:
      nps baremetal -a delete -nos <nos_type>

      Where, nos is the Network Operating System and supported <nos_type> is cumulus.

    2. Bring up image-service pod using the following command:

      nps baremetal -a install -nos <nos_type> -l debug -os_type rhel -iso_path <iso_filepath_with_filename> -pxe_vlanid <PXE_vlan_id>


      • iso_filepath_with_filename is the RHEL ISO filename with full path

      • PXE_vlan_id is the OCP/PXE VLAN ID.

      • nos is Network Operating System and the supported <nos_type> is cumulus.


      For any installation issue, check the log file /var/nps/logs/<topology_name>/baremetal_install.log and take necessary actions.

    3. After the image-service-0 pod is up and running, start one time pxeboot for the failed servers using following command:
      nps baremetal -a temp-pxeboot -sl <iLO IP1, iLO IP2> -l debug

      Wait for some time for the OS to get installed.

    4. Verify the baremetal installation status again using the command:
      nps show --service baremetal