Downloading ODIM RA and CFM bits from My HPE Software Center

  • If you are an HPE employee, ensure you have Virtual Digital Badge credentials.

  • If you are an HPE partner or customer, ensure you have HPE Passport credentials. For more information on how to get the HPE Passport credentials, contact HPE Sales and Support team.

  1. Login to My HPE Software Center using one of the following credentials:
    • HPE Passport

    • HPE Employee Login

    The Welcome to My HPE Software Center page is displayed.

  2. Click Software for HPE Employees.
  3. In the Search Software page, search for the term ODIM.
    The page displays the following artifacts as part of the search result:
    • HPE CFM ODIM Std 1yr 24x7 E-LTU : 5.4

    • HPE iLO for ODIM NFR LTU

  4. Click HPE iLO for ODIM NFR LTU.

    The Software Evaluations page is displayed.

    • Submit your request for the Not-For-Resale (NFR) key to Make sure you include the requestor information with your request.

    • If you do not qualify for an NFR key, you can request a 60 day evaluation license to

  5. Click HPE CFM ODIM Std 1yr 24x7 E-LTU : 5.4 to download CFM bits.
    1. In the Software Evaluations page, click Download.
    2. Accept the Software Terms & Conditions.

      The Download Files page is displayed.

    3. Select the following files and click Download:
      • Composable_Fabric_Manager_5.4_R1C62-11046.iso

      • Composable_Fabric_Manager_5.4_R1C62-11047.ova


    ODIM RA and CFM API username and passwords are required for filling the TICG. The same is provided in Plugin services.