Installation failure of master or worker nodes


Unable to find the string bootkube.service complete for master node or unable to find the string Install Complete' for worker nodes.

Following reasons can cause this issue:
  • Infrastructure environment issues (DNS or Load Balancer).

  • Unsupported or unstable RHOCP artifacts downloaded to the NPS toolkit VM during creation of artifacts.

  1. Log in to the DNS server and verify the configuration.
  2. Perform an nslookup for the server.

    For unsupported versions, raise a ticket with HPE Technical Support Team to get the latest supported versions.

  3. Fix the issues, if any.
  4. Log in to NPS toolkit VM.
  5. Delete the image-service pod using the following command:
    nps baremetal -a delete -nos <nos_type>

    <nos_type> is cumulus or aruba.

  6. Clean up the impacted server. For information on cleanup procedure, see HPE DL server cleanup procedure.
  7. Run the hardware preparation for the impacted server using the following command:
    nps deploy -s hw_prep -l debug -sl <Server_ilo_ip> -a raid
    nps deploy -s hw_prep -l debug -sl <Server_ilo_ip> -a bios
  8. Run the following command for bringing up the image-service pod and for pxe booting the server:
    nps baremetal -a install -nos <nos_type> -l debug

    nos - is Network Operating System and the <nos_type> is cumulus or aruba.