Configuring Internet connectivity on NPS toolkit host


Ensure OAM VLAN interface is configured in customer infrastructure switch.

  1. Connect the uplink connection between HPE StoreFabric SN2100M-1 switch and customer infrastructure switch.
  2. Configure OAM vlan on HPE StoreFabric SN2100M-1 switch
  3. Connected uplink port and NPS toolkit FLR-1 ise part of OAM vlan and it is access port
  4. Assign OAM IP to NPS toolkit FLR-1

In this Example OAM VLAN is 1107 and uplink port is swp1. NPS toolkit host is connected to port and split to 10G.

net add interface swp6 breakout 4x10G
net add interface swp1 bridge access 1107
net add interface swp6s0 bridge access 1107

The customer core switch has to be configured to allow internet access to NPS toolkit host.