Creating RHOCP Ignition File

This section provides information about creation of kubernetes manifest and generation of ignition files as a part of installation of cluster on bare metal using OpenShift Container Platform version 4.3.

In OpenShift Container Platform version 4.3, you can install a cluster on bare metal infrastructure that is provisioned.


Ensure that the required artifacts are downloaded before starting the installation, see Download RHOCP and HPE Nimble CSI driver artifacts.


The NPS provides modular commands for performing the individual operations.

  1. Display ignition file creation information.
    nps show –-data vim
    The show command is used to display the information of the component such as configuration details of RHOCP cluster, and state of the ignition file creation.
  2. Create the ignition file.

    The following is the NPS RHOCP command to create ignition file.
    nps deploy –s rhocp –a create-ignition-files
    The command takes the create ignition file to /var/nps/ISO/ign_config/ of VIM container.

    This command takes approximately 3 minutes to complete.

    On successful completion of the command, the VIM state will be changed to IGNITION_FILES_CREATED.


Verification of creation of ignition file can be performed by using either command or manual verification steps.

  1. Run the following NPS command to retrieve the state of ignition file creations:
    nps show -data vim
  2. In case of success the final ignition files are created at

    In case of any error, see Failure during creation of ignition file.