Storage configuration fails

Storage configure fails. See the log files to know the root cause of the issue. The log files of the installer are created in the following location:
  • /var/nps/logs/rhocp/rhocp-cli-<date>.log

  • /var/nps/logs/rhocp/nps-rhocp-cli-ansible.log

  1. Analyze log files to identify the issue
  2. Resolve the issue using the reasons or cause mentioned in log file.
  3. To clean up the failed deployment, log in to the NPS toolkit VM and run the following commands:
    export KUBECONFIG=/var/nps/ISO/ign_config/auth/kubeconfig
    oc delete –f /var/nps/ISO/hpe-csi-k8s-latest.yaml
    oc delete –f /var/nps/ISO/hpe-linux-config.yaml
    oc delete –f /var/nps/ISO/nimble-csp.yaml
    oc delete –f /var/nps/ISO/secret.yaml
  4. Do one of the following:
    1. If the issue is due to the individual command failure, rerun the following individual storage configuration command:
      nps deploy -s rhocp -a configure-storage
    2. If the issue is due to the nps autodeploy command, rerun the following command:
      nps autodeploy