External storage

Sample input JSON

"external_storage": {
                       "nimble": [
                                      "san_ip": "XX.XX.XX.XX",
                                      "san_login": "admin",
                                      "san_password": "<password>",
                                      "use_multipath_for_image_xfer": "NA",
                                      "volume_backend_name": "NA",
                                      "csi_secret_name": "nimble-c10",
                                      "csi_service_port": "8080"
                       "description": "List of External Storage"


The following table describes the parameters in the storage subsection.

Table 17: External storage
Parameter Description

Specify the Management Discovery IP address to login to Nimble.


For iSCSI arrays, discovery IP addresses make dynamic iSCSI connections possible. When a dynamic iSCSI host connection is enabled, the Nimble storage group exports a Discovery IP address. The host connects to the Discovery IP address. Then the resulting connection is automatically redirected to an appropriate iSCSI data IP. This is also called a dynamic connection. When a dynamic connection is broken, a new connection to the Discovery IP is automatically created and then rerouted an iSCSI data IP as a new iSCSI session.

san_login Specify the username to login to Nimble.
san_password Specify the password to login to Nimble.

Nimble is expected to be configured. Configuring Nimble is not within the scope of this document. For more information, see Nimble Documentation. A valid HPE Passport ID and password is needed to access the link.


Attach/detach volumes in cinder using multipath for volume to image and image to volume transfers

Value type = Boolean


Specify the volume back-end name available in the cinder.conf file used for assigning a back-end name to the Nimble volume type.

csi_secret_name Specify the secret name.
csi_service_port Specify the port number.

Default value is 8080