Configuring OAM VLAN in customer infrastructure switch

Configure the OAM VLAN IP interfaces, on the uplink port, on the customer infrastructure switch to enable communication between Telco Blueprint network interfaces and the customer network. The corresponding VLAN IDs are available in the Input JSON file.

The OAM interfaces must be enabled on the uplink port of the customer infrastructure switch.


The customer infrastructure switch configuration must be performed by a network administrator at the customer end to allow communication with the HPE management switch.

  1. Connect to the customer infrastructure switch.
  2. Access the user prompt and run the commands as displayed in the following example.
    For example:
    vlan <OAM_vlan_ID >
    name OAM
    interface Vlan-interface <OAM_vlan_id> #example
    ip address x.x.x.x 24 #example
    description OAM #example
    interface bridge-aggregation <NFV TOR uplink bag ID>
    port trunk permit vlan <OAM>
  3. Verify that the OAM IP interfaces are available and active.