HPE Telco Blueprints overview

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are progressively adopting more open and agile solutions while moving away from closed and purpose-built products. CSPs are focusing on evolving and flexible solutions without compromising on the security and carrier-grade hardened requirements.

CSPs must optimize their operating models with innovative services and reduced cost to create value. To achieve resource optimization, the CSPs require programmable infrastructure, operations automation, and the capacity to deliver On-Demand services. Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is one of the key enablers for programmable network and infrastructure foundation of a Telco cloud. NFV represents a core structural change in the way telecommunication infrastructure is deployed.

HPE Telco Blueprints offer a variety of use cases for both the core and the edge components for stringent Telco environments. These components are available in both non-NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) compliant as well as NEBS-compliant options.

HPE Telco infrastructure is competently positioned to offer choice of infrastructure, ease of scalability, agility, and low total cost of ownership (TCO). HPE Telco Blueprints are packaged with HPE Telco SDI (Software Defined Infrastructure) toolset that includes the following:
  • Storage and NIC (Network Interface Card) performance benchmarking reports and tools.

  • NPS (NFV Platform Software) toolkit that is designed to simplify the NFVI (NFV Infrastructure) stack deployment and configuration.

Some of the benefits that HPE Telco Blueprints offers include:
  • Flexibility to decouple the network functions from proprietary hardware appliances.

  • Use of containerization technology that enables multiple and isolated applications to run on a single OS and share kernel, allowing the CSPs to optimize their resources (memory and CPUs).

  • Ability to pick and select any hardware (compute and storage) or networking (switches) to create a customized and optimized environment. The HPE infrastructure components are available in both non-NEBS as well as NEBS-compliant options.

  • Broadest Telco-enabled industry portfolio, from OSS/BSS to Edge.

  • Optional NPS toolkit can be used for automated deployment and configuration of the NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) stack.

  • NFVI (NFV Infrastructure) leadership and expertise.

  • Compelling vision and roadmap for standards-based Open Telco infrastructure.

  • Tailored support and services.

  • Ecosystem of technology, application, and System Integrator (SI) partners.