Hewlett Packard Enterprise Product Security Vulnerability Alerts

Apache Software Log4j (CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046, CVE-2021-4104, CVE-2021-45105, CVE-2021-44832)

Version 6.0 :  Last Updated: January 7, 2022

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On December 9, 2021, HPE was made aware of a security event impacting Apache Software Log4j v2.x associated with CVE-2021-44228.

HPE immediately mobilized to understand and remediate any exposures that HPE might have to this vulnerability. To the extent HPE determines any remediation of its products is required as a result of this vulnerability, HPE will advise customers of such remediation.

A Remote Code Execution vulnerability CVE-2021-45046 was found in the original fix for CVE-2021-44228. Apache released Log4j v2.16.0 to mitigate the issue.

In addition, the vulnerability CVE-2021-4104, also allows remote code execution attacks like CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046 in certain non-default configurations.

Another vulnerability has been identified CVE-2021-45105, allows a Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack in certain non-default configurations. Apache Log4j 2.17.0 is the latest fixed version.

Another vulnerability has been identified CVE-2021-44832, which allows remote code execution attacks. Apache Log4j 2.17.1 is the latest fixed version.

The investigation of HPE products utilizing Log4j is ongoing. Refer to the Customer Notice below for a list of products HPE analyzed so far and found not vulnerable to CVE-2021-44228, CVE-45046, CVE-2021-4104, CVE-2021-45105, or CVE-2021-44832 and the Security Bulletin below for a list of vulnerable products. Security Bulletins for affected products will be issued and posted on HPE Support Center, when the fixes become available in the near future. HPE products not listed in the following Customer Notice or Security Bulletin are undergoing investigation.

HPE continues to investigate this issue and product impact assessment will be updated as more information becomes available.


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