IP Directed Broadcasts

Enabling forwarding of IP directed broadcasts (CLI)

To enable forwarding of IP directed broadcasts, enter the following CLI command:


[no] ip directed-broadcast

HP Switch(config)# ip directed-broadcast

HP software makes the forwarding decision based on the routing switch's knowledge of the destination network prefix. Routers cannot determine that a message is unicast or directed broadcast apart from the destination network prefix. The decision to forward or not forward the message is by definition only possible in the last-hop router.

Introduction to feature

Wake-on-LAN (WOL) is an Ethernet computer networking standard that allows a computer to be turned on or awakened by a network message. The message is sent by a program executed on the same local area network. Messages can also be initiated from another network by using subnet directed broadcasts or a WOL gateway service. WOL is implemented using specially designed packet called magic packet. WOL is enabled on the switch by using a ip directed-broadcast command with an IPv4 configuration, which can be used to specify an access-list name, thus avoiding unnecessary administrative overhead.

IP directed-broadcasts would only be forwarded if permitted by the associated access-list. An implicit deny at the end of an access list drops all IP directed-broadcasts that are not authorized according to the access list entries.

[NOTE: ]

NOTE: IP routing must be enabled on the switch for this feature to work.

Supported platforms

Supported platforms 

Supported platforms

J-number Product
J9565A HP 2615-8-PoE Switch
J9145A HP 2910-24G al Switch
J9146A HP 2910-24G-PoE+ al Switch
J9147A HP 2910-48G al Switch
J9148A HP 2910-48G-PoE+ al Switch
J9836A HP 2920-48G-POE+ 740W Switch
J9729A HP 2920-48G-POE+ Switch
J9728A HP 2920-48G Switch
J9727A HP 2920-24G-POE+ Switch
J9726A HP 2920-24G Switch
J9562A HP 2915-8G-PoE Switch


HP 3500-24 Switch


HP 3500-24-PoE Switch


HP 3500-48 Switch


HP 3500-48-PoE Switch


HP 3500yl-24G-PWR Intelligent Edge Switch


HP 3500yl-48G-PWR Intelligent Edge Switch


HP 3500yl-24G-PoE+ Switch


HP 3500yl-48G-PoE+ Switch


HP 3800-24G-2SFP+ Switch


HP 3800-48G-4SFP+ Switch


HP 3800-24G-PoE+-2SFP+ Switch


HP 3800-48G-PoE+-4SFP+ Switch


HP 3800-24SFP-2SFP+ Switch
J9585A HP 3800-24G-2XG Switch


HP 3800-48G-4XG Switch


HP 3800-24G-PoE+-2XG Switch


HP 3800-48G-PoE+-4XG Switch


HP 5406zl Intelligent Edge Switch


HP 5406zl Switch with Premium SW


HP 5406zl-48G Intelligent Edge Switch


HP 5406zl-48G-PoE+ Switch


HP 5406 8p 10GBASE-T 8p 10GbE SFP+ v2 zl Switch with Premium Software


HP 5406-44G-PoE+/2XG-SFP+ v2 zl Switch


HP 5406R zl2 Switch


HP 5406R-44G-PoE+/4SFP (No PSU) v2 zl2 Switch


HP 5406R-44G-PoE+/2SFP+ (No PSU) v2 zl2 Switch


HP 5406R-8XGT/8SFP+ (No PSU) v2 zl2 Switch


HP 5406-44G-PoE+/4G-SFP v2 zl Switch


HP 5412zl Intelligent Edge Switch


HP 5412 zl Switch with Premium SW


HP 5412zl-96G Intelligent Edge Switch


HP 5412zl-96G-PoE+ Switch


HP 5412-92G-PoE+/2XG-SFP+ v2 zl Switch


HP 5412-92G-PoE+/4G-SFP v2 zl Switch


HP 5412R zl2 Switch


HP 5412R-92G-PoE+/4SFP (No PSU) v2 zl2 Switch


HP 5412R-92G-PoE+/2SFP+ (No PSU) v2 zl2 Switch

CLI commands

The optional association of access-list with IP directed-broadcast allows user to filter directed broadcast traffic alone based on access-list entry rule. The feature’s CLI includes an optional parameter to specify access-list name along with the already existing ip directed-broadcastcommand. The access-list rule specified is applied globally on the switch and is not specific to any vlan’s alone. There is an Implicit Deny at the end of an access list that will drop all IP Directed Broadcasts that do not match any of the access list entries.

Configuration commands

Enable IP directed broadcast forwarding for Wake-on-LAN support. An optional ACL can also be applied to control what packets are forwarded.


HPN Switch(config)# ip directed-broadcast [access-group <ACL-ID>]


Apply the specified access control list.


ASCII string specifying an ACL

Example configuration

HPN Switch(config)# ip directed-broadcast [access-group] <wol-acl>

<wol-acl> entries

ip access-list extended <wol-acl> 
10 permit ip
20 deny ip

Example running configuration

; J9573A Configuration Editor; Created on release #xx.15.18.0000x
; Ver #06:7c.fd.ff.ff.3f.ef:57
hostname "HP-Switch"
module 1 type j9573x
ip access-list extended "wol-acl"
....10 permit ip

ip directed-broadcast access-group "wol-acl"
ip routing
snmp-server community "public" unrestricted
....ip address dhcp-bootp
vlan 1
....name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
....no untagged 1,23-24
....untagged 2-22,25-26
....ip address dhcp-bootp
vlan 10
....name "VLAN10"
....untagged 1
....ip address
vlan 20
....name "VLAN20"
....untagged 23-24
....ip address

Configuration diagram

Configuration diagram

[NOTE: ]


  • If specified ACL ID is non-existing, it is not possible to associate with IP Directed Broadcast. An error will be shown to the user.

  • It is not allowed to delete an ACL which is associated with IP Directed Broadcast and on attempt, an error message will be shown to user.

  • The same ACL wol-acl can be applied to any other interface like VLAN, port and tunnel.

Show commands

IP directed broadcast hit counts for the associated access-list with can be displayed using the show command.

Show statistics

Show IPV4 ACL Statistics.


HPN Switch # show statistics aclv4 <acl-id>

port <port>
vlan <vlan-id> vlan

[NOTE: ]

NOTE: Please note that the existing help text of all other parameters listed other than newly added ip-directed-broadcast will remain the same.


show statistics aclv4 <acl-name-str>


Show Statistics for the IP Directed Broadcast ACL.

HP Switch # show statistics aclv4 wol-acl ip-directed-broadcast
HitCounts for ip-directed-broadcast ACL wol-acl 
(       0 )    10 permit ip
(       0 )    20 deny ip

Clear command

The hit count statistics for ACL on IP directed broadcast can be cleared using clear command.


clear statistics aclv4 <acl-id>

port <port>
vlan <vlan-id> vlan

Reset IPV4 Statistics.

[NOTE: ]

NOTE: Please note that the existing help text of all other parameters listed other than newly added ip-directed-broadcast will remain the same.


clear statistics aclv4 <acl-name-str>

ip-directed-broadcast Clear Statistics for the IP Directed Broadcast ACL.

show access-list command

The existing “show access-list” command will have the following modification to support ip- directed-broadcast.


show access-list

<ACL-ID> [config]
ports <<PORT-LIST>>

Show Access Control List Information.

[NOTE: ]

NOTE: Please note that the existing help of all other parameters listed other than newly added ip-directed-broadcast will remain the same.

Show ACL’s applied to IP Directed Broadcast traffic

show access-list <ip-directed-broadcast>

HPN Switch # show access-list ip-directed-broadcast

Access Lists for IP Directed Broadcast
IPv4                   : wol-acl   Type: Extended

If user uses already existing show access-list <ACL_NAME-STR> command, the status of ACL on IP Directed Broadcast will be shown applied as in this example below.

HP Switch # sh access-list wol-acl
Access Control Lists
.......Name: wol-acl
 ......Type: Extended
.......Applied: Yes
.......SEQ  Entry
10  .Action: permit
 ......Src IP:       Mask:     Port(s):
.......Dst IP:       Mask:      Port(s):
.......Proto : IP
 ......TOS   : -                 Precedence: -
20  Action: deny
.......Src IP:       Mask:     Port(s):
.......Dst IP:       Mask:     Port(s):
 ......Proto : IP
 ......TOS   : -                 Precedence: -


MIB object hpicfDBroadcastFwdAcl stores the access-list name associated with IP directed broadcast.

  • hpicfDBroadcastFwdEnable OBJECT-TYPE

    Syntax integer

    • enabled (1)

    • disabled (2)

    • MAX-ACCESS read-write

    • STATUS current

    Used to enable/disable IP directed broadcast feature on the device. When set to disable, hpicfDBroadcastFwdAcl is also cleared.

  • hpicfDBroadcastFwdAcl OBJECT-TYPE

Syntax integer

  • SnmpAdminString (SIZE (1..64))

  • MAX-ACCESS read-write

  • STATUS current

Used to store the access-list name associated with the IP Directed Broadcast feature. This is a printable string up to 64 characters in size and case sensitive. An empty string indicates that no access-list is associated with the IP directed broadcast feature. This object can be configured only when the value of the object hpicfDBroadcastFwdEnable is set to enable.

Disabling the directed broadcasts

HP Switch(config)# no ip directed-broadcast