Restoring the factory-default configuration

As part of your troubleshooting process, it may become necessary to return the switch configuration to the factory default settings. This process:

  • Momentarily interrupts the switch operation

  • Clears any passwords

  • Clears the console Event Log

  • Resets the network counters to zero

  • Performs a complete self test

  • Reboots the switch into its factory default configuration, including deleting an IP address

There are two methods for resetting to the factory-default configuration:

  • CLI

  • Clear/Reset button combination

[NOTE: ]

NOTE: HP recommends that you save your configuration to a TFTP server before resetting the switch to its factory-default configuration. You can also save your configuration via Xmodem to a directly connected PC.

Resetting to the factory-default configuration

Using the CLI

This command operates at any level except the Operator level.


erase startup-configuration

Deletes the startup-config file in flash so that the switch will reboot with its factory-default configuration.

[NOTE: ]

NOTE: The erase startup-config command does not clear passwords unless include-credentials has been set, at which time this command does erase username/password information and any other credentials stored in the config file. For more information, see the section on "Saving Security Credentials in a Config File" in the Access Security Guide for your switch.

Using Clear/Reset

  1. Using pointed objects, simultaneously press both the Reset and Clear buttons on the front of the switch.

  2. Continue to press the Clear button while releasing the Reset button.

  3. When the Self Test LED begins to flash, release the Clear button.

    The switch then completes its self test and begins operating with the configuration restored to the factory default settings.