Zero Touch Provisioning

The Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) solution enables the auto-configuration of your switches on the first boot without requiring any administrator’s intervention at the switch. The switches use DHCP server option configurations to support ZTP.

[NOTE: ]

NOTE: If the switch does not contain the minimal configuration set, ZTP will get disabled. See Image Upgrade.

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Auto-configuration using ZTP
Disabling ZTP
Image Upgrade

Auto-configuration using ZTP

ZTP auto-configures your switches as follows:

  1. The switch boots up with the factory default configuration.

  2. The switch sends out a DHCP discovery from the primary VLAN interface.

    • The preferred configuration method uses DHCP option 43 value as a string to parse Airwave configuration. Switch would expect a DHCP option 60 with value ArubaInstantAP along with DHCP option 43 to parse Airwave details

    • The alternate configuration method supports both encapsulated values from option 43 and direct value from option 43.  Encapsulated vendor-specific sub options, with sub-option code 146 is for Airwave details.

  3. After the AirWave details are verified and configured, the switch initiates the check-in into the AirWave server using the HTTPS communication.

    [NOTE: ]

    NOTE: The AirWave configuration must be in the following format:

    <Group>:<Topfolder>:<folder1>,<AMP IP >,<shared secret>

  4. After a successful registration, AirWave can monitor, configure, and troubleshoot the switches. Refer to Aruba Networks and AirWave Switch Configuration Guide.

  5. Check-in failure retry is done every 60 seconds for 10 retries.

  6. If the DHCP options are not configured for AirWave, the switch is left in its default state for manual configuration.

Disabling ZTP

Zero touch provisioning is disabled if you make any of the following changes to the switch’s configuration:

  • Enter the switch configuration mode using the configure terminal command.

  • Enter into Menu and exit without doing any configuration.

  • Make any successful configuration that changes the running-configuration of the switch using a CLI, SNMP, REST APIs, menu interface, or the web GUI.

  • If you upgrade with non-minimal configuration set from any 15.xx version to version 16.01, see Image Upgrade.

Image Upgrade

If you upgrade from any 15.xx version to version 16.01, the following minimal set of configuration is validated to enable or disable the ZTP process:

  • If the switch has any other VLAN apart from the default VLAN, ZTP gets disabled.

  • In default VLAN, if the IPv4 address is not set as DHCP (default option is DHCP), ZTP gets disabled.

  • In default VLAN, if IPv6 is enabled or configured, ZTP gets disabled.

If you have any other configuration during the upgrade, ZTP will be in the enabled state only.