Configure AirWave details in DHCP (alternate method)

To configure a DHCP server for ZTP and AirWave, from a Windows Server 2008, do the following steps:

[NOTE: ]

NOTE: You must repeat these steps for every type of switch that needs to be configured for ZTP, selecting a different Vendor Class for each type of switch.

  1. From the Start menu, select Server Manager.

  2. Select Roles -> DHCP -> Server -> w2k8 -> IPv4.

  3. Right click on IPv4 and select Define Vendor Classes...

  4. The DHCP Vendor Classes window is displayed. Click Add....

  5. To get the vendor-specific value of a switch, go to the switch console and enter:

    show dhcp client vendor-specific

    In our example, the command returns the following value:

        Vendor Class Id = HP J9729A 2920-24G-PoE+ Switch

    Processing of Vendor Specific Configuration is enabled

  6. From the New Class window, enter the desired Display name (any) and the Description (any). For the ASCII field, enter the exact value that you got by executing the show command performed in the previous step. In this example, HP J9729A 2920-24G-PoE+ Switch

    Click OK.

  7. Right click on IPv4 and select Set Predefined Options....

  8. From the Predefined Options and Values window, select Option class. The Option Class displayed is the one that you configured under DHCP Vendor Class. In this example, the Option Class is switch.

    Click Add....

  9. From the Option Type window, enter the desired Class (any), the Data type (select string), the Code (enter 146), and the Description (any).

    Click OK.

  10. Under the Predefined Options and Values window, enter the Value String. In this example, we enter hpeSwitch:hp2920,,admin. The String has the following format:

    <Group>:<Topfolder>,<AMP IP>,<shared secret>

    If you need to add sub-folders, use the following format:

    <Group>:<Topfolder>:<folder1>,<AMP IP>,<shared secret>

    Click OK.

  11. Under IPv4, expand Scope. Right click on Scope Options and select Configure Options...

  12. From the Scope Options window:

    1. Select the Advanced tab.

    2. Under Vendor class, select the desired switch. In this example, switch.

    3. Select the 146 hpswitch option.

    4. Click OK.

  13. You can verify the AirWave details as follows:

    show amp-server
    show run