EVI commands
display evi arp-suppression
display evi isis brief
display evi isis graceful-restart status
display evi isis local-mac
display evi isis lsdb
display evi isis peer
display evi isis remote-mac
display evi isis tunnel
display evi link
display evi mac-address
display evi neighbor-discovery client member
display evi neighbor-discovery client statistics
display evi neighbor-discovery client summary
display evi neighbor-discovery server member
display evi neighbor-discovery server statistics
display evi neighbor-discovery server summary
display interface evi-link
evi arp-suppression enable
evi designated-vlan
evi enable
evi extend-vlan
evi flooding enable
evi isis ded-priority
evi isis timer csnp
evi isis timer hello
evi isis timer holding-multiplier
evi isis timer lsp
evi neighbor-discovery authentication
evi neighbor-discovery client enable
evi neighbor-discovery client register-interval
evi neighbor-discovery server enable
evi network-id
evi selective-flooding mac-address
evi site-id
graceful-restart interval
gre key vlan-id
log-peer-change enable
reset evi arp-suppression
reset evi isis all
snmp context-name
snmp-agent trap enable evi-isis
timer lsp-max-age
timer lsp-refresh
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