Use user to initiate an FTP authentication on the current FTP connection.


user username [ password ]


FTP client view

Predefined user roles



username: Specifies the username.

password: Specifies the password.

Usage guidelines

If you tried to access an FTP server but failed to pass the authentication, you can use this command to try again before the connection to the FTP server expires.

After you log in to an FTP server, you can initiate an FTP authentication to change to a new account. By changing to a new account, you can get a different privilege without re-establishing the FTP connection.

Make sure the specified username and password have been configured on the FTP server. If the username or password is not configured, this command fails and the FTP connection is closed.


# After logging in to the FTP server, use username ftp and password 123456 to log in again to the FTP server.