Configuring FTP tests

FTP tests of an NQA test group are used to test the connection between the NQA client and an FTP server and the time required for the FTP client to transfer a file to or download a file from the FTP server.

Before you start FTP tests, configure the FTP server. For example, configure a username and password that are used to log in to the FTP server. For more information about FTP server configuration, see Fundamentals Configuration Guide.

Follow these guidelines when you configure FTP tests:

To configure FTP tests:




1. Enter system view.



2. Enter NQA test group view.

nqa entry admin-name operation-tag


3. Configure the test type as FTP, and enter test type view.

type ftp


4. Specify the IP address of the FTP server as the destination address of FTP request packets.

destination ip ip-address

By default, no destination IP address is configured.

5. Configure the source IP address of FTP request packets.

source ip ip-address

By default, no source IP address is specified.

The source IP address must be the IP address of a local interface. The local interface must be up. Otherwise, no FTP requests can be sent out.

6. Configure the operation type.

operation { get | put }


By default, the operation type for the FTP is get, which means obtaining files from the FTP server.

7. Configure a login username.

username name

By default, no login username is configured.

8. Configure a login password.

password [ cipher | simple ] password

By default, no login password is configured.

9. Specify a file to be transferred between the FTP server and the FTP client.

filename file-name

By default, no file is specified.

10. Set the data transmission mode for FTP tests.

mode { active | passive }


active by default.

11. Configure optional parameters.

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