Configuring DNS tests

DNS tests of an NQA test group are used to test whether the NQA client can translate a domain name into an IP address through a DNS server and test the time required for resolution.

Before you start DNS tests, configure the mapping between a domain name and an IP address on a DNS server.

A DNS test simulates the domain name resolution. It does not save the mapping between the domain name and the IP address.

To configure DNS tests:




1. Enter system view.



2. Enter NQA test group view.

nqa entry admin-name operation-tag


3. Configure the test type as DNS, and enter test type view.

type dns


4. Specify the IP address of the DNS server as the destination address of DNS packets.

destination ip ip-address

By default, no destination IP address is configured.

5. Configure the domain name that needs to be translated.

resolve-target domain-name

By default, no domain name is configured.

6. Configure optional parameters.

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