Configuring DHCP tests

DHCP tests of an NQA test group are used to test if a DHCP server is on the network, and the time for the DHCP server to respond to a client request and assign an IP address to the client.

Before you start DHCP tests, configure the DHCP server. If the NQA (DHCP client) and the DHCP server are not in the same network segment, configure a DHCP relay. For the configuration of DHCP server and DHCP relay, see Layer 3IP Services Configuration Guide.

The interface that performs DHCP tests does not change its IP address. A DHCP test only simulates address allocation in DHCP.

When a DHCP test completes, the NQA client sends a DHCP-RELEASE packet to release the obtained IP address.

To configuring DHCP tests:




1. Enter system view.



2. Enter NQA test group view.

nqa entry admin-name operation-tag


3. Configure the test type as DHCP, and enter test type view.

type dhcp


4. Specify an interface to perform DHCP tests.

operation interface interface-type interface-number

By default, no interface is configured to perform DHCP tests.

The specified interface must be up. Otherwise, no probe packets can be sent out.

5. Configure optional parameters.

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