Configuring the NQA server

To perform TCP, UDP echo, UDP jitter, or voice tests, configure the NQA server on the peer device. The NQA server responds to the probe packets sent from the NQA client by listening to the specified destination address and port number.

To configure the NQA server:




1. Enter system view.



2. Enable the NQA server.

nqa server enable

Disabled by default.

3. Configure the listening service.

nqa server { tcp-connect | udp-echo } ip-address port-number

The destination IP address and port number must be the same as those configured on the NQA client. A listening service must be unique on the NQA server.

4. Configure the ToS value in the packets sent by the TCP or UDP listening service.

nqa server { tcp-connect | udp-echo } tos tos


By default, the ToS value is 0.