Network topology icons



Represents a generic network device, such as a router, switch, or firewall.

Represents a routing-capable device, such as a router or Layer 3 switch.

Represents a generic switch, such as a Layer 2 or Layer 3 switch, or a router that supports Layer 2 forwarding and other Layer 2 features.

Represents an access controller, a unified wired-WLAN module, or the access controller engine on a unified wired-WLAN switch.

Represents an access point.

Represents a wireless terminator unit.

Represents a wireless terminator.

Represents a mesh access point.

Represents omnidirectional signals.

Represents directional signals.

Represents a security product, such as a firewall, UTM, multiservice security gateway, or load balancing device.

Represents a security module, such as a firewall, load balancing, NetStream, SSL VPN, IPS, or ACG module.

Examples provided in this document

Examples in this document might use devices that differ from your device in hardware model, configuration, or software version. It is normal that the port numbers, sample output, screenshots, and other information in the examples differ from what you have on your device.