arp fixup

Use arp fixup to convert existing dynamic ARP entries to static ARP entries.

Use undo arp fixup to convert valid static ARP entries to dynamic ARP entries and delete invalid static ARP entries.


arp fixup

undo arp fixup


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Usage guidelines

The ARP conversion is a one-time operation. You can use this command again to convert the dynamic ARP entries learned later to static.

The static ARP entries converted from dynamic ARP entries have the same attributes as the manually configured static ARP entries. Due to the device's limit on the total number of static ARP entries, some dynamic ARP entries might fail the conversion.

The static ARP entries after conversion can include the following entries:

Dynamic ARP entries that are aged out during the conversion are not converted to static ARP entries.

To delete a static ARP entry changed from a dynamic one, use the undo arp ip-address [ vpn-instance-name ] command. To delete all such static ARP entries, use the reset arp all or reset arp static command.


# Convert existing dynamic ARP entries to static ARP entries.

<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] arp fixup