http-flood detect non-specific

Use http-flood detect non-specific to enable global HTTP flood attack detection.

Use undo http-flood detect non-specific to disable global HTTP flood attack detection.


http-flood detect non-specific

undo http-flood detect non-specific


Global HTTP flood attack detection is disabled.


Attack defense policy view

Predefined user roles



Usage guidelines

The global HTTP flood attack detection applies to all IP addresses except for those specified by the http-flood detect command. The global detection uses the global trigger threshold set by the http-flood threshold command and global actions specified by the http-flood action command.


# Enable global HTTP flood attack detection in attack defense policy atk-policy-1.

<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] attack-defense policy atk-policy-1
[Sysname-attack-defense-policy-atk-policy-1] dns-flood detect non-specific

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