exempt acl

Use exempt acl to configure attack detection exemption.

Use undo exempt acl to restore the default.


exempt acl [ ipv6 ] { acl-number | name acl-name }

undo exempt acl [ ipv6 ]


Attack detection exemption is not configured.


Attack defense policy view

Predefined user roles




ipv6: Specifies an IPv6 ACL. To specify an IPv4 ACL, do not use this keyword.

acl-number: Specifies an ACL by its number:

name acl-name: Specifies an ACL by its name. The acl-name argument is a case-insensitive string of 1 to 63 characters. It must start with an English letter and to avoid confusion, it cannot be all.

Usage guidelines

The attack defense policy uses an ACL to identify exempted packets. The policy does not check the packets permitted by the ACL. You can configure the ACL to identify packets from trusted hosts. The exemption feature reduces the false alarm rate and improves packet processing efficiency.

If an ACL is used for attack detection exemption, only the following match criteria in the ACL permit rules take effect:

If the specified ACL does not exist or does not contain a rule, attack detection exemption does not take effect.


# Configure an ACL to permit packets sourced from Configure attack detection exemption for packets matching the ACL in attack defense policy atk-policy-1.

<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] acl basic 2001
[Sysname-acl-ipv4-basic-2001] rule permit source 0
[Sysname-acl-ipv4-basic-2001] quit
[Sysname] attack-defense policy atk-policy-1
[attack-defense-policy-atk-policy-1] exempt acl 2001

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