dns-flood port

Use dns-flood port to specify the global ports to be protected against DNS flood attacks.

Use undo dns-flood port to restore the default.


dns-flood port port-list

undo dns-flood port


The global DNS flood attack prevention protects port 53.


Attack defense policy view

Predefined user roles




port-list: Specifies a space-separated list of up to 65535 port number items. Each item specifies a port by its port number or a range of ports in the form of start-port-number to end-port-number. The end-port-number cannot be smaller than the start-port-number.

Usage guidelines

The device detects only DNS packets destined for the specified ports.

The global ports apply to global DNS flood attack detection and IP address-specific DNS flood attack detection with no port specified.


# Specify the ports 53 and 61000 as the global ports to be protected against DNS flood attacks in attack defense policy atk-policy-1.

<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] attack-defense policy atk-policy-1
[Sysname-attack-defense-policy-atk-policy-1] dns-flood port 53 61000

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