ssl client-policy

Use ssl client-policy to create an SSL client policy and enter its view, or enter the view of an existing SSL client policy.

Use undo ssl client-policy to delete an SSL client policy.


ssl client-policy policy-name

undo ssl client-policy policy-name


No SSL client policies exist.


System view

Predefined user roles




policy-name: Specifies an SSL client policy by its name, a case-insensitive string of 1 to 31 characters.

Usage guidelines

This command creates an SSL client policy for which you can configure SSL parameters that the client uses to establish a connection to the server. The parameters include a PKI domain and a preferred cipher suite. An SSL client policy takes effect only after it is associated with an application such as DDNS.


# Create an SSL client policy named policy1 and enter its view.

<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] ssl client-policy policy1

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