ssh2 algorithm mac

Use ssh2 algorithm mac to specify HMAC algorithms for SSH2.

Use undo ssh2 algorithm mac to restore the default.


In non-FIPS mode:

ssh2 algorithm mac { md5 | md5-96 | sha1 | sha1-96 | sha2-256 | sha2-512 } *

undo ssh2 algorithm mac

In FIPS mode:

ssh2 algorithm mac { sha1 | sha1-96 | sha2-256 | sha2-512 } *

undo ssh2 algorithm mac


SSH2 uses HMAC algorithms SHA2-256, SHA2-512, SHA1, MD5, SHA1-96, and MD5-96 in descending order of priority for algorithm negotiation.


System view

Predefined user roles




md5: Specifies HMAC algorithm HMAC-MD5.

md5-96: Specifies HMAC algorithm HMAC-MD5-96.

sha1: Specifies HMAC algorithm HMAC-SHA1.

sha1-96: Specifies HMAC algorithm HMAC-SHA1-96.

sha2-256: Specifies HMAC algorithm HMAC-SHA2-256.

sha2-512: Specifies HMAC algorithm HMAC-SHA2-512.

Usage guidelines

If you specify the HMAC algorithms, SSH2 uses only the specified algorithms for algorithm negotiation. The algorithm specified earlier has a higher priority during negotiation.


# Specify algorithm md5 as the HMAC algorithm for SSH2.

<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] ssh2 algorithm mac md5

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