sa spi

Use sa spi to configure an SPI for IPsec SAs.

Use undo sa spi to remove the SPI.


sa spi { inbound | outbound } { ah | esp } spi-number

undo sa spi { inbound | outbound } { ah | esp }


No SPI is configured for IPsec SAs.


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IPsec profile view

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inbound: Specifies an SPI for inbound SAs.

outbound: Specifies an SPI for outbound SAs.

ah: Uses AH.

esp: Uses ESP.

spi-number: Specifies a security parameters index (SPI) in the range of 256 to 4294967295.

Usage guidelines

This command applies only to manual IPsec policies and IPsec profiles.

You must configure an SPI for both inbound and outbound SAs, and make sure the SAs in each direction are unique: For an outbound SA, make sure its triplet (remote IP address, security protocol, and SPI) is unique. For an inbound SA, make sure its SPI is unique.

The local inbound SA must use the same SPI as the remote outbound SA, and the local outbound SA must use the same SPI as the remote inbound SA.

When you configure an IPsec profile for an IPv6 routing protocol, follow these guidelines:


# Set the SPI for the inbound SA to 10000 and the SPI for the outbound SA to 20000 in a manual IPsec policy.

<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] ipsec policy policy1 100 manual
[Sysname-ipsec-policy-manual-policy1-100] sa spi inbound ah 10000
[Sysname-ipsec-policy-manual-policy1-100] sa spi outbound ah 20000

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