display password-control blacklist

Use display password-control blacklist to display password control blacklist information.


display password-control blacklist [ user-name user-name | ip ipv4-address | ipv6 ipv6-address ]


Any view

Predefined user roles






user-name user-name: Specifies a user by its username, a case-sensitive string of 1 to 55 characters.

ip ipv4-address: Specifies the IPv4 address of a user.

ipv6 ipv6-address: Specifies the IPv6 address of a user.

Usage guidelines

If you do not specify any parameters, this command displays information about all users in the password control blacklist.

The users' IP addresses and user accounts are added to the password control blacklist when the users fail authentication. You can use this command to view information about blacklisted FTP and virtual terminal line (VTY) users.

Users accessing the system through the console interface are not blacklisted for the following reasons:


# Display password control blacklist information.

<Sysname> display password-control blacklist
 Blacklist items matched: 2.
 Username                     IP address           Login failures   Lock flag
 abcd                         169::168:34:1        4                lock
 admin                       1                unlock

Table 14: Command output



Blacklist items matched

Number of blacklisted users.

IP address

IP address of the user.

Login failures

Number of login failures.

Lock flag

Whether the user account is locked for the user:

  • unlock—Not limited.

  • lock—Disabled temporarily or permanently, depending on the password-control login-attempt command.