accounting hwtacacs-scheme

Use accounting hwtacacs-scheme to specify the accounting method for the connection recording policy.

Use undo accounting to restore the default.


accounting hwtacacs-scheme hwtacacs-scheme-name

undo accounting


No accounting method is specified for the connection recording policy. No accounting is performed on the connections initiated by the device as a login client.


Connection recording policy view

Predefined user roles




hwtacacs-scheme-name: Specifies an HWTACACS scheme by its name, a case-insensitive string of 1 to 32 characters.

Usage guidelines

If the accounting method is changed, the new method takes effect only on subsequent connections initiated by the device as a login client.

For a connection, once the device sends the start-accounting request to an HWTACACS server, it sends the connection's stop-accounting packet to the same server.

If you execute this command multiple times, the most recent configuration takes effect.

The device includes the username entered by a user in the accounting packets to be sent to the AAA server for connection recording. The username format configured by using the user-name-format command in the accounting scheme does not take effect.


# Create a connection recording policy, and specify HWTACACS scheme tac as the accounting method.

<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] aaa connection-recording policy
[sysname-connection-recording-policy] accounting hwtacacs-scheme tac

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