user-name-format (HWTACACS scheme view)

Use user-name-format to specify the format of the username to be sent to an HWTACACS server.

Use undo user-name-format to restore the default.


user-name-format { keep-original | with-domain | without-domain }

undo user-name-format


The ISP domain name is included in the usernames sent to an HWTACACS server.


HWTACACS scheme view

Predefined user roles




keep-original: Sends the username to the HWTACACS server as the username is entered.

with-domain: Includes the ISP domain name in the username sent to the HWTACACS server.

without-domain: Excludes the ISP domain name from the username sent to the HWTACACS server.

Usage guidelines

A username is generally in the userid@isp-name format, of which the isp-name argument is used by the device to determine the ISP domain to which a user belongs. However, some HWTACACS servers cannot recognize a username containing an ISP domain name. Before sending a username including a domain name to such an HWTACACS server, the device must remove the domain name. This command allows you to specify whether to include a domain name in a username to be sent to an HWTACACS server.

If an HWTACACS scheme defines that the username is sent without the ISP domain name, do not apply the scheme to more than one ISP domain. Otherwise, the HWTACACS server will consider two users in different ISP domains but with the same userid as one user.


# In HWTACACS scheme hwt1, configure the device to remove the ISP domain name from the usernames sent to the HWTACACS servers.

<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] hwtacacs scheme hwt1
[Sysname-hwtacacs-hwt1] user-name-format without-domain

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