timer realtime-accounting (HWTACACS scheme view)

Use timer realtime-accounting to set the real-time accounting interval.

Use undo timer realtime-accounting to restore the default.


timer realtime-accounting minutes

undo timer realtime-accounting


The real-time accounting interval is 12 minutes.


HWTACACS scheme view

Predefined user roles




minutes: Specifies the real-time accounting interval in minutes, in the range of 0 to 60. Setting this interval to 0 disables the device from sending online user accounting information to the HWTACACS accounting server.

Usage guidelines

For real-time accounting, a NAS must transmit the accounting information of online users to the HWTACACS accounting server periodically. This command is used to set the interval.

A short interval helps improve accounting precision but requires many system resources.

Table 11: Recommended real-time accounting intervals

Number of users

Real-time accounting interval

1 to 99

3 minutes

100 to 499

6 minutes

500 to 999

12 minutes

1000 or more

15 minutes or longer


# In HWTACACS scheme hwt1, set the real-time accounting interval to 51 minutes.

<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] hwtacacs scheme hwt1
[Sysname-hwtacacs-hwt1] timer realtime-accounting 51

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