timer response-timeout (RADIUS scheme view)

Use timer response-timeout to set the RADIUS server response timeout timer.

Use undo timer response-timeout to restore the default.


timer response-timeout seconds

undo timer response-timeout


The RADIUS server response timeout period is 3 seconds.


RADIUS scheme view

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seconds: Specifies the RADIUS server response timeout period, in the range of 1 to 10 seconds.

Usage guidelines

If a NAS receives no response from the RADIUS server in a period of time after sending a RADIUS request, it resends the request so that the user has more opportunity to obtain the RADIUS service. The NAS uses the RADIUS server response timeout timer to control the transmission interval.

If the client times out during the authentication process, the user is immediately logged off. To avoid user logoffs, the value multiplied by the following items cannot be larger than the client timeout period defined by the access module:

When the device sends a RADIUS request to a new RADIUS server, it checks the total amount of time it has taken to transmit the RADIUS packet. If the amount of time has reached 300 seconds, the device stops sending the RADIUS request to the next RADIUS server. As a best practice, consider the number of RADIUS servers when you configure the maximum number of packet transmission attempts and the RADIUS server response timeout period.


# In RADIUS scheme radius1, set the RADIUS server response timeout timer to 5 seconds.

<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] radius scheme radius1
[Sysname-radius-radius1] timer response-timeout 5

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