server-load-sharing enable

Use server-load-sharing enable to enable the RADIUS server load sharing feature.

Use undo server-load-sharing enable to disable the RADIUS server load sharing feature.


server-load-sharing enable

undo server-load-sharing enable


The RADIUS server load sharing feature is disabled.


RADIUS scheme view

Predefined user roles



Usage guidelines

Use the RADIUS server load sharing feature to dynamically distribute the workload over multiple servers regardless of their server roles. The device forwards an AAA request to the most appropriate server of all active servers in the scheme after it compares the weight values and numbers of currently served users. Specify a weight value for each RADIUS server based on the AAA capacity of the server. A larger weight value indicates a higher AAA capacity.

In RADIUS server load sharing, once the device sends a start-accounting request to a server for a user, it forwards all subsequent accounting requests of the user to the same server. If the accounting server is unreachable, the device returns an accounting failure message rather than searching for another active accounting server.


# Enable the RADIUS server load sharing feature for RADIUS scheme radius1.

<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] radius scheme radius1
[Sysname-radius-radius1] server-load-sharing enable

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