retry realtime-accounting

Use retry realtime-accounting to set the maximum number of accounting attempts.

Use undo retry realtime-accounting to restore the default.


retry realtime-accounting retries

undo retry realtime-accounting


The maximum number of accounting attempts is 5.


RADIUS scheme view

Predefined user roles




retries: Specifies the maximum number of accounting attempts, in the range of 1 to 255.

Usage guidelines

Typically, a RADIUS accounting server checks whether a user is online by using a timeout timer. If the server does not receive a real-time accounting request for a user in the timeout period, it considers that a line or device failure has occurred. The server stops accounting for the user.

To work with the RADIUS server, the NAS needs to send real-time accounting requests to the server before the timer on the server expires and to keep pace with the server in disconnecting the user when a failure occurs. The NAS disconnects from a user according to the maximum number of accounting attempts and specific parameters.

For example, the following conditions exist:

In the above case, the device generates an accounting request every 12 minutes, and retransmits the request if it sends the request but receives no response within 3 seconds. If the device receives no response after transmitting the request three times, it considers the accounting attempt a failure, and makes another accounting attempt. If five consecutive accounting attempts fail, the device cuts the user connection.


# In RADIUS scheme radius1, set the maximum number of accounting attempts to 10.

<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] radius scheme radius1
[Sysname-radius-radius1] retry realtime-accounting 10

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