display stop-accounting-buffer (for RADIUS)

Use display stop-accounting-buffer to display information about buffered RADIUS stop-accounting requests to which no responses have been received.


display stop-accounting-buffer { radius-scheme radius-scheme-name | session-id session-id | time-range start-time end-time | user-name user-name }


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Predefined user roles






radius-scheme radius-scheme-name: Specifies a RADIUS scheme by its name, a case-insensitive string of 1 to 32 characters.

session-id session-id: Specifies a session by its ID. The session-id argument is a string of 1 to 64 characters and cannot contain a letter. A session ID uniquely identifies an online user for a RADIUS scheme.

time-range start-time end-time: Specifies a time range. The start time and end time must be in the format of hh:mm:ss-mm/dd/yyyy or hh:mm:ss-yyyy/mm/dd.

user-name user-name: Specifies a user by its name, a case-sensitive string of 1 to 255 characters. Whether the user-name argument should include the domain name depends on the setting configured by using the user-name-format command for the RADIUS scheme.


# Display information about nonresponded RADIUS stop-accounting requests buffered for user abc.

<Sysname> display stop-accounting-buffer user-name abc
Total entries: 2
Scheme     Session ID          Username    First sending time   Attempts
rad1       1000326232325010    abc         23:27:16-08/31/2015  19
aaa        1000326232326010    abc         23:33:01-08/31/2015  20

Table 6: Command output



First sending time

Time when the stop-accounting request was first sent.


Number of attempts that were made to send the stop-accounting request.

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