accounting-on enable

Use accounting-on enable to configure the accounting-on feature.

Use undo accounting-on enable to disable the accounting-on feature.


accounting-on enable [ interval interval | send send-times ] *

undo accounting-on enable


The accounting-on feature is disabled.


RADIUS scheme view

Predefined user roles




interval interval: Specifies the time interval for retransmitting an accounting-on packet in seconds. The value range for the interval argument is 1 to 15, and the default setting is 3.

send send-times: Specifies the maximum number of accounting-on packet transmission attempts. The value range for the send-times argument is 1 to 255, and the default setting is 50.

Usage guidelines

The accounting-on feature enables the device to automatically send an accounting-on packet to the RADIUS server after a device reboot. Upon receiving the accounting-on packet, the RADIUS server logs out all online users so they can log in again through the device.

Execute the save command to ensure that the accounting-on enable command takes effect at the next device reboot. For information about the save command, see Fundamentals Command Reference.

Parameters set by using the accounting-on enable command take effect immediately.


# Enable the accounting-on feature for RADIUS scheme radius1, and set the retransmission interval to 5 seconds and the transmission attempts to 15.

<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] radius scheme radius1
[Sysname-radius-radius1] accounting-on enable interval 5 send 15

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