display user-group

Use display user-group to display user group configuration.


display user-group { all | name group-name }


Any view

Predefined user roles






all: Specifies all user groups.

name group-name: Specifies a user group by its name, a case-insensitive string of 1 to 32 characters.


# Display the configuration of all user groups.

<Sysname> display user-group all
Total 2 user groups matched.

User group: system
  Authorization attributes:
    Work directory:          flash:
User group: jj
  Authorization attributes:
    Idle timeout:            2 minutes
    Work directory:          flash:/
  Password control configurations:
    Password aging:          2 days

Table 3: Command output



User group

User group name.

Authorization attributes

Authorization attributes of the user group.

Idle timeout

Idle timeout period, in minutes.

Work directory

Directory that FTP, SFTP, or SCP users in the group can access.

Password control configurations

Password control attributes that are configured for the user group.

Password aging

Password expiration time.

Password length

Minimum number of characters that a password must contain.

Password composition

Password composition policy:

  • Minimum number of character types that a password must contain.

  • Minimum number of characters from each type in a password.

Password complexity

Password complexity checking policy:

  • Reject a password that contains the username or the reverse of the username.

  • Reject a password that contains any character repeated consecutively three or more times.

Maximum login attempts

Maximum number of consecutive failed login attempts.

Action for exceeding login attempts

Action to take on the user that failed to log in after using up all login attempts.