aaa nas-id profile

Use aaa nas-id profile to create a NAS-ID profile and enter its view, or enter the view of an existing NAS-ID profile.

Use undo aaa nas-id profile to delete a NAS-ID profile.


aaa nas-id profile profile-name

undo aaa nas-id profile profile-name


No NAS-ID profiles exist.


System view

Predefined user roles




profile-name: Specifies the NAS-ID profile name, a case-insensitive string of 1 to 31 characters.

Usage guidelines

Configure a NAS-ID profile to maintain NAS-ID and VLAN bindings on the device.

During RADIUS authentication, the device uses a NAS-ID to set the NAS-Identifier attribute of RADIUS packets so that the RADIUS server can identify the access location of users.

By default, the device uses the device name as the NAS-ID.


# Create a NAS-ID profile named aaa and enter its view.

<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] aaa nas-id profile aaa

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