SDN Controller applications and the App Store

The HPE VAN SDN Controller includes a default set of core network service applications that are installed as modules with the controller. These embedded applications provide services such as authentication, data persistence, logging and alerts. For details, see Understanding the controller architecture.

The HPE VAN SDN Controller also provides a platform for developing and deploying SDN applications. Several applications have been developed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise including HPE Network Protector SDN Application, HPE Network Optimizer SDN Application, and HPE Network Visualizer SDN Application. There are also SDN applications developed by third-party partners. In addition, you can develop your own SDN applications.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s SDN applications as well as third-party SDN applications are available through the Hewlett Packard Enterprise SDN App Store. Access the App Store at

The HPE VAN SDN Controller includes an SDK providing the tools needed to develop applications for the controller. The SDK includes documentation for both the Java and REST APIs as well as all of the jar files necessary during compilation. A sample application is also included along with API specifications. For details on how to develop applications for the controller, see the HPE VAN SDN Controller Programming Guide.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers an SDN developer community, as well as forums, events, and other services, to help developers and partners build and sell SDN applications.