Disbanding a team

Disbanding a team returns the teamed controllers to standalone operation.This action initiates the team delete. The REST call might return before the delete has completed. The admin needs to check the system to see the running state of the system.

NOTE: Before disbanding a team, delete the region configuration for that team. See “Deleting a region”.

  1. Acquire an authentication token for the team leader. (See step 4 of “Team configuration prerequisites”.)

  2. Using the token acquired in the preceding step, execute this cURL command to disband the team:

curl --noproxy <team-ip> --header "X-Auth-Token:<auth_token> " --fail

-ksSfL --request DELETE --url https://<member-ip>:8443/sdn/v2.0/team

The resulting output includes the following:

Possible responses

Since team deletion is asynchronous, the response is always 202 unless there is a problem configuring the local controller as standalone. Possible codes:

202 Accepted
400 Bad request
401 Unauthorized
503 Service unavailable

In case the team is not deleted in a quorum or if the team is partially deleted an alert will be posted.

Example of the alert description for team partially deleted

"Team partially deleted: [Successes:,], [Failures:]"

The error for failures is not part of the alert, however an entry to the log files will be added with such errors.

Example of the alert description for team deletion failed in a quorum

"Team could not be deleted on a quorum"

To fix the controllers where the delete operation failed, the user will have to execute the delete operation again on the failed controllers.