About the user interface

NOTE: The names for common areas, icons, and controls on the UI screen appear after the image.

Screen topography

screen topography


Banner: Identifies the user interface. Contains the alert notification counter and links to the navigation menu, alert information, and the SDN User window.


Alert notification counter: Displays the current number of active alerts. Clicking this icon displays the Alerts as of Today window box.


SDN User window: Enables you to log out of the controller, link to external websites, change the theme for the controller, and identify the version of controller software currently in use.


navigation menu: The primary menu for navigating to controller and application resources. Contains the controller navigation tree, labelled General, and can contain additional navigation trees for installed applications that integrate with the controller UI. Can be displayed as a pane (as shown) or as a window that overlays the controller screen (see “Expanding or collapsing the navigation menu”).


navigation tree: Used to select the controller or application screen to display in the details pane. General is the controller navigation tree. Navigation trees for installed applications are displayed below or to the right of the General navigation tree. In this figure, there are two navigation trees: General and Net Optimizer - Lync.


Details pane: Displays the detailed interface for the controller or application resource selected in the navigation menu. When the controller starts, it displays the Alerts screen.


Pagination control: Can appear on screens that have lists of items. Use these controls to view the listings page by page.


Listing control: Can appear on screens that have lists of items. Use these controls to select the number of items to display in a single view. The Auto option displays all items in a single screen. For listings exceeding the length of the screen, you can use the scroll bar on the right side of the screen.


Screen componentDescription
SDN Controller menu expansion icon

Expands or collapses the navigation menu as an overlay window.

critical alert

Expands or collapses the controller Alerts as of today window.

The number next to the icon is the alert notification counter, which provides a count of the current active alerts.

sdn user window icon

Expands or collapses the SDN User window.

Changing column widths

To change the column widths, drag the column head borders. For example:

  • To narrow the Severity column width, click the border to the left of Date/Time and drag it to the left.

  • To change the width of the navigation menu pane, click and drag the divider between the menu pane and the details pane.

Changing the background and text colors

The background and text colors are part of the theme of the controller UI. To change the theme:

  1. Expand the SDN User window.

  2. In Set Theme:, select one of the following options:

    • Day

    • Night